Build your food ingredients market in Germany and Europe Germany with more than 82 Mio. people, Europe with 740 Mio. People are very interesting markets. A powerful food industry and craft manufacturing, more than 10.000 bakeries, Service for food companies We know many food segments and food ingredient areas. This leads to a broad view of possibilities for the players on these markets. With our experience on the German, European and many worldwide markets, we can be your partner for Service for banks and investors Due to our deep knowledge of many food and food ingredients markets, C+I Consult can assist you whenever you deal with a company out of the area of: food production food ingredients bakery - craft and industrial investors to evaluate companies in the relevant food or ingredient area. perform a due dilligence of those turnaround management as a  consultancy or for interim-managers coaching the managers in the investment strategy consulting for the investor give a second opinion on projects banks assist in evaluation of companies in the area of food, ingredients or bakery perform a due dilligence of those check the performance of these companies to find a credit line C+I Consult Concept + Implementation C stands for Concept I stands for Implementation Impressum Hinweise Cookies