Fermentation/sourdough We have been working on this topic for almost 20 years now. Through the development of the “BackNatur Ferment”, an active sourdough starter with leavening strenght, based on spontaneous fermentation, we have gained a great experience with fermentations. For years, we have been running around 15 sour doughs: Flour sourdough Fruit sourdough (fruit juice and flour) Levains ("yeast-water" + flour) We impart this practical knowledge in seminars / lectures and baking assignments. In this way, we help companies to form their own sourdough from their own fermentations. Service for bakeries We know many bakery markets world wide. This leads to a broad view of possibilities for the players on these markets. With our experience in processes and technology we can be your partner for many purposes. Building new production lines Product development Process modification (intermediate proof, ec.) Sour dough, predough, fermentation Baking without chemicals, enzymes, improvers C+I Consult works more than 40 years in that market, specialized in craft and industrial bakeries. We know how to deal with raw materials, grains, improvers, sour dough starters, ec. All kind of ovens, kneaders, lines, equipment can be used by us. German bread is our focus, but not the only - as well baguette, croissant, danish, panettone, buns We work with the dough, practically in the process. Not only in theory. Challenge us! C+I Consult Concept + Implementation C stands for Concept I stands for Implementation Impressum Hinweise Cookies